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Transmission Repair and Maintenance in Spartanburg

Your vehicle’s transmission is responsible for providing power from your vehicle to the wheels for acceleration. However, if your transmission is beginning to fail, you may notice your vehicle’s performance begin to suffer. Luckily, AAMCO Spartanburg provides comprehensive transmission repair services in Spartanburg, SC for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Our certified and experienced mechanics follow a thorough diagnostic check system to quickly find the issue with your transmission and make the necessary repairs to optimize vehicle performance. If your vehicle isn’t running as smoothly as it once was, contact our team today to schedule your free appointment.

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Signs Your Vehicle’s Transmission Is Beginning to Fail

Most vehicle owners are familiar with how their car or truck runs. As the miles begin to add up, you may notice a dip in performance. Ignoring the common warning signs that your transmission is starting to fail can lead to more costly repairs down the road.

Schedule a Vehicle Diagnosis

It’s crucial to schedule a vehicle diagnosis at AAMCO Spartanburg when you notice the following issues:

  • Gears Slipping – Gear slipping occurs when your transmission is unable to shift smoothly between gears or falls out of gear as you drive.
  • Burning Smell – Transmissions rely on lubricant to reduce friction and to reduce wear and tear. You may notice a burning smell if you’re running low on transmission fluid.
  • Delayed Acceleration – Delayed acceleration occurs when the transmissions can’t provide adequate torque from the engine to your wheels.
  • Fluid Leak – A transmission fluid leak should be repaired by a knowledgeable professional. If the leak isn’t fixed, it can lead to more severe issues with your transmissions in the future.
  • Check Engine Light – Your vehicle’s check engine light is a safety feature that alerts you when there’s an issue with your car. They should never be ignored.

Learn More About Our Multi-Point Transmission Check

When choosing a reliable and experienced autobody shop, it’s essential to choose one that follows a comprehensive multi-point transmission check to ensure that the issue with your transmission is quickly and accurately detected. We’ll complete three distinct vehicle inspections both on the road and within our shop. Our diagnostics include:

  • Initial Evaluation – Our licensed technicians will inspect your transmission fluid levels, transfer case, and differential fluid if they feel it’s necessary.
  • Road Test – Next, we’ll take your car on the road to evaluate its drive ranges, upshift and downshift timing and quality, passing gears, torque converter clutch, 4×4, and numerous other issues.
  • In-Shop – Once the road test is complete, we’ll bring it back to our shop to check your shift linkage, engine idle, mounts, final drive, fluid retention, and much more.

Trusted Transmission Repair Services in Spartanburg, SC

Drivers throughout Spartanburg, SC and the surrounding communities choose AAMCO Spartanburg for transmission repair and rebuilds because we’re the area’s most experienced team. Our technicians can identify the early warning signs that your transmission is beginning to fail and utilizes trusted evaluation methods to find the problem. Once the issue has been identified, we’ll start the repair immediately. Our top priority is to ensure that you get the service you expect at an affordable price. Contact our team today to schedule your free appointment.

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